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Grow and sell fresh berries all year round, in any climate, in an apartment or house.

Online Berry is the first integrated enterprise for growing fresh berries. Direct delivery to the end consumer. In-house processing. A scientific department for microcloning plants, and nurseries using class A+ planting material. Expertise in Scalable Berry Systems (SBS). Use of space technology to preserve and transport food products. A unique closed ecosystem based on blockchain technology.

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The market can only meet about 10% of the demand for fresh berries during the berry season and 2% during the rest of the year.
98% of juices, purees, jams, and similar products are made from frozen berries and concentrates. These products contain far fewer vitamins and provide virtually no health benefits.
We do not know where the berries that end up in our shops were grown, or what kind of environment they were grown in. What chemicals have been used to process them, and how were they transported? How can we be sure that they are safe for us and for our children?
Low resistance to climate change and an increasingly harsh environment. Very few plant nurseries are producing modern class A+ planting material.
The project will transfer up to 90% of the goods produced to VMT holders.
Receive fresh berries and other goods or put them up for sale on our trading platform, where our system will find you a buyer or seller counterparty and help you agree on forms of payment. The goods will be sent straight to the end user.
Our marketplace, the Commodities Trading Portal, is an online trading platform for VMT holders.
In the project, one VMT is equivalent to one kilo of raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries (the commodity).One VMT is equivalent to USD 1. Goods will be available to buy in exchange for VMTs from 01/07/2019. Growth in the volume of goods produced by the project over time will allow us to maintain this equivalency.
About Project

The project “Online-Berry” was founded in 2016 as a comprehensive solution, including the Research and Production Center, the enterprise for growing, primary processing of fresh berries, scalable berry systems and an electronic platform, which all combine with the use of blockchain technology.

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Region Electric&Engineering Pte Ltd
Electrotest Pte Ltd
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3M Touch, 3M Technologies
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Russian Agricultural Bank JSCo
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Developer of investment projects in agriculture
Ecosystems Funding LLC(CEO)
Pavel Grengolm
legal adviser in:
Environmental service company LLC
Non-profit organization
Assistance to the people with disabilities
Greenhouse complex “Grengolm’s” owner
The project comprises:

A Scientific Research Centre (SRC):

Scalable Berry Systems (SBS)

Growing and processing berries

Commodities Trading Portal

The project has already been in development for two years, during which time we have created experimental planting grounds for berries, an SBS production base, and a team of like-minded individuals. We are now ready to scale up our project.

All stages of the project lifecycle will harness the potential of blockchain technology. This unified space for data exchange is transparent for all participants, enabling effective organization of supply chains, direct contact between producers (sellers) and buyers, and consistently reliable information about the origin and history of the product being supplied. An agreement has been reached to use Amazon Web Services.

How can I take part in the ITO?

Visit our website at and complete a registration form. Pay for the number of VMTs you wish to purchase using one of the available methods. You will receive the VMTs after the end of the ITO. Congratulations, you’re now a Vitamin Token holder!

How much do VMTs cost?

In the project, one VMT is equivalent to one kilo of raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries (the commodity). When used to buy the project’s other goods, one VMT is equivalent to USD 1.
VMTs will be available at a discount of between 80% and 50%, depending on the stage of the ITO.

Can I acquire VMTs for free?

You can. Because of the ever-increasing bans and restrictions on advertising projects associated with the crypto-economy, we have taken the decision to introduce a Bounty programme. Participants will receive 6% of the tokens released. All tokens are worth exactly the same. The exception is tokens intended for the project team, which will be frozen until 01/03/2021.

How do I use the Commodities Trading Portal?

VMT holders can use the Commodities Trading Portal (CTP) to make requests and to choose whether they wish to receive goods from the project themselves or send them to another end user. The CTP will ensure that supply and demand are kept in equilibrium.

Can I sell or transfer VMTs?

Yes, you can. The VMTs, which are internally equivalent to the value of project goods, are not a monetary surrogate, loan, or other means of attracting investment. VMTs serve to personally identify community participants.

What happens, in the event that 14 000 000$ is not reached?

USD 14 million is the maximum sum required to launch and implement the project.
USD 3 million is the minimum sum required to launch the project in truncated form.
In the event that the soft cap is not reached, then we envisage that the funds received will be refunded in full.

How exactly will the project be structured?

Project – closed ecosystem:

the SRC
a ten-hectare nursery
a ten-hectare greenhouse complex for year-round berry growing
300 hectares for growing berries outside
specialized machinery for agricultural work and harvesting
a processing plant
a facility for manufacturing our packaging
a facility for manufacturing SBS and their components
the Commodities Trading Portal
an online store

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