About company

The project was launched in 2016.

Our mission:
To make the benefits of fresh berries available to everybody.
To provide a comprehensive solution to the shortage of fresh berries and the wholesome products made from them.

We aim to:
Use an Initial Token Offering (ITO) to implement the project as quickly as possible
We have already gathered together a team of experts, run experiments, developed the technology, created prototypes, studied the market, and worked out the financial model.

Build a greenhouse complex and outdoor planting grounds
We have already secured a plot of land in Krasnodar Territory, where the climate is ideally suited to our objectives. The plot covers an area of 100,000 m2, which is more than enough space for the first stage of the greenhouse complex. A further 3,000,000 m2 of outdoor planting grounds will be added to this.

Establish production lines
We will work only with fresh berries in order to ensure that our juices, jams, fruit fillings, and berry extracts are bursting with as many vitamins as possible. Our production facilities occupy a 560,000 m2 complex.

Create a Commodities Trading Portal, a convenient, multifunctional online tool that serves as:

  • a platform for distributing the project’s goods to VMT holders
  • a b2b platform where retail chains can purchase large quantities of goods, including in exchange for VMT
  • a p2p platform

Maintaining constant supply and demand will mean:

  • the ability to sell and/or buy goods or SBS harvests without intermediaries
  • full process visualization and rapid searchability of supply and demand using an online map
  • the ability to make secure transactions using smart contracts

Create a Scientific Research Centre (SRC)
for producing seedlings and perfecting the technology used to store and transport fresh berries

Launch mass production of SBS – self-contained systems for growing berries