Scalable Berry Systems (SBS) are self-sufficient systems for growing berries that need only be connected to an electricity supply: the system regulates its own microclimate, warns you when it is time to replace consumable materials, and prompts you when the time comes to harvest your berries. SBS can be controlled remotely, from a computer or smartphone, so that you can easily grow berries while you work or travel.

Other efforts to create universal systems of this kind are producing only small numbers of units, which is keeping their cost high. They have also yet to be adapted to specific plants. Raspberries and tomatoes naturally require quite different conditions as far as temperature, humidity, and light are concerned. Our systems are being produced for a specific and narrowly-defined purpose and in large quantities, which will significantly reduce their cost. They also incorporate experimentally tested ideal conditions for each of the proposed varieties of berry bush. Plant varieties have been carefully selected by specialists from scientific institutions to maximize flavour, health benefits, and yield.

Microformat for homes and offices – closed ecosystems provide constant and easy access to fresh berries in any climate, practically all year round. Minimum plot size: from 1m2.

Large format – hydro- or aeroponic farms, farms with a closed root system for isolated plots – standard project, training and consultation. Minimum plot size: from 15m2.