Vitamine Token

Finance for the project will be secured through an offering of 50 million Vitamin Tokens (VMTs). No additional token offering is envisaged. During the ITO, VMTs will be obtainable exclusively via the website.

All of the funds raised as a result of the campaign will be directed towards fulfilling the project’s stated objectives.

The VMTs, which are internally equivalent to the value of project goods, are not a monetary surrogate, loan, or other means of attracting investment. VMTs serve to personally identify community participants.

Volume of funds to be raised during the Online Berry ITO:
Soft cap = 3 000 000 USD
Hard cap = 14 000 000 USD

USD 14 million is the maximum sum required to launch and implement the project.

USD 3 million is the minimum sum required to launch the project in truncated form

In the event that the hard cap is reached, collection of funds will be halted.
In the event that the soft cap is not reached, then we envisage that the funds received will be refunded in full.

The total offering is 50 million VMTs. No additional release of tokens is envisaged. VMTs cannot be mined.

During the ITO, 39 million VMTs will be available, which represents 78% of the total number of VMTs released.
The remaining 11 million (22%) will be distributed between:

  • participants in the Bounty programme – 6%
  • the project team – 14%
  • and the disabled community – 2% (see Social Responsibility section)

Please note, that tokens allocated to the project team during the ITO will be frozen until March 2021.

The Online Berry ITO will take place over 100 days, in four stages, beginning 09.12.2018.
Discounts are planned at certain stages of the ITO.







20 days

20 days

30 days

30 дней

Reduction at stage





VMTs available

5 000 000

1 VMT=0.20 USD

8 000 000

1 VMT=0.25 USD

12 000 000

1 VMT=0.33 USD

14 000 000

1 VMT=0.50 USD

Minimum purchase

2 500 VMT

1 000 VMT

500 VMT

20 VMT

The VMT is a unit used in the execution of smart contracts within the Online Berry project, and is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard.

The VMT is an internal transactional equivalent of the project’s goods and isdesigned to simplify payments for its users. The VMT is not an equivalent to securities, loan agreements, or investment instruments. It is not a substitute for traditional payment methods and, accordingly, has no circulation restrictions.One VMT within the project is equivalent to one kilo of raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries (the commodity).
The result of the project’s activity is the production of goods in the form of fresh and processed berries, seedlings, and SBS, which have an equivalent value in VMTs.

One VMT is equivalent to USD 1. Goods will be available for purchase in exchange for VMTs beginning 01/07/2019. As the project begins to produce more goods, we will be able to increase the quantity of VMTs while maintaining this equivalency.

From 01/05/2019, as a token of our gratitude to members of the community for supporting the project, VMT holders will be able to submit an advance order for produce. The minimum period of execution will be 30 days and the maximum 60 days: this is the period required by us in order to prepare and deliver orders on time. As it is not always possible to fulfil all orders simultaneously, we may defer fulfilment to a later time, in which case we will be sure to inform you of this. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis. Our use of blockchain to record the sequence in which orders are submitted will ensure full transparency.

Once they have submitted their order for project goods, VMT holders will be able to decide themselves what quantity of goods they would like to receive and when.
There is no distinction between VMTs obtained during the ITO and those obtained during incentive programmes; all VMTs have the same value.
Until 01/01/2021, all VMT token holders will be rewarded for their support with project goods. The only restriction is a moratorium on the use of VMTs allocated to the project team until 01/03/2021.

As an ongoing expression of our gratitude for their support for the project, after 01/06/2021, VMT token holders will be able to receive goods annually on the Commodities Trading Portal. The project will allocate 50% of its natural produce for this purpose. Funds from the sale of the remaining produce will be allocated to support and further develop the project.

VMT token holders may use goods obtained within the project ecosystem as they see fit. In order to simplify and accelerate the search for parties interested in purchasing goods, we have created the Commodities Trading Portal (CTP). On this portal, which can be accessed via, members of the community will be able to find end consumers for goods and conclude transaction agreements with them. At this point, the VMT owner specifies the end consumer of the goods and where they will be sent, and the rest of the transaction is completed using smart contracts. In this way, parties who have purchased VMTs during the Online Berry ITO will receive, at their own discretion, either project goods, or funds from parties interested in purchasing the aforementioned goods. The entire process is fully automated.