Trade and Raw Materials Portal

The Online Berry project’s Commodities Trading Portal is a convenient, multifunctional online tool which includes:

1) A platform for distributing goods to VMT holders. VMTs always remain with the owner. As an expression of our enduring gratitude for their assistance in getting the project off the ground, VMT holders will enjoy an ongoing right to the project’s produce for as long as they hold tokens.
The project will transfer 90% of produce grown in the first 18 months and 50% annually thereafter.
2) A b2b platform for project goods, where retail chains will be able to purchase large volumes of project goods with a fixed delivery period for their distribution centres, giving VMT holders the ability to choose the most suitable end consumer for their goods and agree a payment method with them
3) A p2p platform where VMT holders, SBS owners, and end consumers interested in purchasing goods can find one another

Since there will be constant supply and demand on the portal, it will be possible to trade goods quickly and simply, ensuring that:

  • goods and SBS harvests can be bought and sold without intermediaries
  • the process can be visualized, and demand and supply quickly established by searching the online map
  • transactions can be made securely using smart contracts

The Commodities Trading Portal features an online store selling project goods, including SBS and components for standard systems.